What is Alacrity Mission?

An RPG pulling from a wide array of SNES inspirations to build a unique experience.

  1. Science fiction survival setting with light horror elements
  2. Twenty unique crew members, each with distinct action skills, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing for diverse puzzle solving and party composition strategy.
  3. Permanent death of crew members immerses the player in the tension of narrowing options.
  4. Limited resources against overwhelming odds creates tension and forces the player to plan out their actions. Button-mashing and careless choices will result in death.
  5. A world stuffed full of secret items, hidden pathways, and lurking enemies delivered in a Metroidvania inspired collectible power-up system.
  6. Strategy intensive turn-based battles with quick time events that involve the player in an active role during rounds.
  7. Players are rewarded for playing to the bloody end with dozens of fully developed endings centered around how much they accomplished and who, if anyone, survives.
  8. New Game+ allows players to reattempt the journey by carrying over their previously discovered components.
  9. High difficulty to define the survival setting and reward players with a sense of satisfying accomplishment for their determination.
  • The Swamp is a winding bog of mud and watery pathways which will challenge the player’s pathfinding skills.
  • Combat pits players against vicious insects.

Explore the Alacrity Mission universe.


The Earth did not survive Humanity, but some of its life did. Hundreds of years into the future several planets have been terraformed in an attempt to replace what we once destroyed. Ambrosia is one of these planets. Expressly geared as a farming asset, the planet's ecosystem is supplemented with a host of insects which are allowed to run wild and uninhibited outside of the confines of the installation’s boundaries. But something went wrong. Now the unmanned facility is in disarray and an unwitting crew finds itself surrounded by thousands of mutated and highly aggressive insects.

Their ship is wrecked in the first attack. Now the crew must make critical decisions. Do they attempt to repair their ship to escape the planet? Try to take off without everything they need to get home? Burrow in and survive until help arrives? Which parts are the most important to reach for? How should they go about trying to reach them with the ever more agitated population of insects drawing closer with every breath? These questions are yours to answer with an open nonlinear map and storys which develops as you venture away from the relative safety of your ship to acquire needed supplies and parts for repairs. You might try to simply escape or perhaps you want to push your luck and discover the horrifying and foreboding truth behind the mutations.


Turn-based combat with visual stylization influenced by classic SNES RPGs. An active role by the player will boost damage and effectiveness by way of quick time events. Balanced towards a high difficulty level aimed to reward careful strategy and timed interactions while punishing button mashing. Re-envisioned concepts have replaced RPG Tropes such as irrelevant defend commands and items which lack in-battle utility with potent implementations. Meet a host of distinct enemies with roles, abilities, and weaknesses working in tandem to produce diverse battle situations demanding their own careful strategies. Permanent deaths of crew members fully immerse the player into the setting with the tension of narrowing options.

Metroidvania Exploration

Nine complete and extensive areas each with their own unique boss, puzzles, and hidden pathways. Multiple floors and layers to each area set up the challenge of exploring and discovering the many secrets and mysteries hidden within.

Power up your crew members with 100+ Collectible items and components dropped by enemies and hidden away in hard to reach places. Each crew member is equipped with his or her own specific tool or skill. These tools are the key to solving puzzles, unlocking mysteries, discovering hidden items, or avoiding battles with the hordes of lurking enemies. Lasting consequences will force careful decisions as you encounter destructible environments and interactable structures. Some paths may open but others may close as you manipulate the various obstacles and power up your crew with tool upgrades and enhanced abilities.

Role Playing Emphasis

Players are encouraged to get into the survival setting and experience the full ride with rewards for playing through to the bloody end with dozens of independent and fully developed endings centered around the crew’s escape, survival, or unfortunate demise. An intentionally integrated new game+ allows players to reapproach the game carrying over their hard-won power-ups which serves to gradually scale down the intensive difficulty and open up doorways to previously inaccessible secrets and levels of the game. Discover a wide array of crew member interactions and activities by taking different team compositions into different areas of the game.

Kickstarter Goals and Incentives

Our goal is set around the minimum estimated cost for finishing this game. The cost of music and art assets along with those of hardware, software, and licensing pile up very quickly. We have deliberately designed our incentive program without physical incentives to avoid the cost of producing and shipping these items. Instead those funds will be used directly on the game itself. We understand the desire for physical goodies, but believe that having a great game is infinitely better than memorabilia from a mediocre one. Therefore, it has been our endeavor to produce a sizeable horde of treasure, and to give it out to as many people as possible while simultaneously achieving Kickstarter success.

The Crew

Twenty members with their own unique abilities, fighting style, and action skills leave the player with tough decisions. Some tools might not be as critical in some areas or perhaps extra medical personnel are needed on a particular path. Six member away teams give depth to the party's composition but strategy is key.

  • Captain
  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • Navigator
  • Security Chief
  • Armored Escort
  • Marksman
  • Demo. Specialist
  • Physician
  • Field Medic
  • Nurse
  • Eg-Suit Monitor
  • Chief Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • LS Technician
  • Ag. Technician
  • Biologist
  • Chemist
  • Horticulturist
  • Tech. Specialist